Do you love wearing blacks and dark colors almost everyday, and starting to feel your looks are somewhat dull? Easy fix: simply add a pop of color! Pick a perfect stand out color and go all out! From your accessories to your handbag to your nails and toes, adding a pop of color is a fun way to make your look stand out.

This Fashionista adds a pop of color to her look just perfectly. With a black and white Aztec print dress, a sheer black kimono and black zip-up boots, her look is colorless. But with the addition of all her brilliant accessories, this Fashionista makes her look so totally RAD! To start, she picks hot pink as her pop color by adding a beautiful statement necklace to her look. Her hot pink Michael Kors tote was obviously the perfect handbag for this look and looks fabulous contrasting against her black and white outfit. Coincidently, this Fashionista even had her nails painted hot pink to match! Lastly, she added her super trendy pair of sunglasses with a black and hot pink ombré color scheme to complete her look.

This Fashionista adds so many perfect details to her look that it looks even better with her hair pulled back in a sock bun. Her look is sleek, sophisticated and sassy and she is ready to take on whatever her day brings in style, of course.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Pick a color and go for it! Don’t be shy at all and definitely commit to your pop of color. You will be so surprised at how you can turn a colorless look into something amazing with the addition of the bunch of colored accessories! It is truly amazing!”