With the summer sunshine comes a carefree attitude that can make you want to add a little “pop” to your wardrobe. These daring red shorts do just that, with the perfect fun and funky daytime look for a Fashionisto on the go. Whether you are going to your part-time job, brunch or just roaming the city, this functional ensemble will guarantee to turn heads. Pastels are all the rage, but going with a full-blown bold short will definitely help you stand out from the other prepsters.

The length of the short allows the bold color to take up just the right amount of leg, making sure this Fashionisto does not draw too much attention or become overwhelmed by the color splash. The lighter, subtler hue of the shirt helps to balance the look, while the dark belt anchors the transition between the top and bottom half of the outfit.

Adding to the functionality of the look, the tote takes the back seat color wise, while still allowing for optimal utility. Holding anything from a laptop to a camera, the bag assists with all of this Fashionisto’s must-haves as he takes on the day, and the week, with his head held high.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Especially in the summertime, I like to play around a lot with colors. I think it’s really important to find clothes that accentuate your body’s best features and take advantage of what assets you have. I have always had really long legs, so I wear shorter shorts. Sometimes, you have to experiment with different styles to find the clothes that do that, but I think everyone should try new things until they get their style just right.”