Layering is a must when the weather starts to cool down. All we want is to be cozy and comfortable, and layering is the best way to ensure this happens. Sometimes it can be hard to layer garments the right way and we often play it safe. Layering all shades of gray or just black and white becomes our go-to, but what about patterns?

This Fashionisto was an expert at layering. It was a cold, windy day and staying warm was on everyone’s mind. What caught my eye in this look was the mixture of the plaid and polka-dots. He wore a plaid flannel button-down and then underneath a polka-dot print T-shirt which made his layered look fun and lively. He also wore denim jeans and a black jacket which tied the whole look together. Most of what he was wearing was black, white and denim, which always works as a neutral and makes the red in the flannel a great accent to the look. This helped to add a pop of color into the mix and gave the outfit more dimension. This mix of neutrals and patterns was perfect and a great example of how to layer.

To get your layers to look this good, find patterns or prints that have some neutral colors mixed into it. The trick is that you do not want your patterns to overpower each other. A coat that is a neutral color is the perfect way to finish off this look. It will balance out the prints and keep everything looking picture perfect.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK“Make your outfit stand out by layering neutral colors and prints.”