December 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

As the cooler weather approaches, coordinating chic outfits can become extremely difficult. When the temperature is below freezing, it’s easy to want to throw on any warm and comfortable garment no matter what it looks like. Even if you want to wear something stylish, finding clothing that is both cute and cozy can seem impossible. Thankfully, peacoats are the perfect winter staple. Not only do they keep you toasty, but they add a classic touch to any ensemble.

Although peacoats are traditionally made of solid-colored fabric, today they come of a wide variety of hues. For a timeless look, search for a neutral coat. Gray, navy, black and beige are the most versatile shades. However, if you want a more contemporary, fun peacoat, try purchasing one that’s brightly colored or even patterned. Plaid coats are always a great way to stand out, while still appearing crisp and put together. Styles in colors like vibrant orange look very fresh and modern.

When shopping for a peacoat, paying attention to material is critical. Wool peacoats will shield you from the chilly air. However, they usually require regular dry cleaning. A polished wool peacoat is an investment. Contrarily, if you prefer a low-maintenance option that you’ll likely wear for only a couple seasons, peacoats made primarily from synthetic fabrics like polyester can also work.

The best part of owning a peacoat is that they match almost everything. A tailored peacoat looks just as amazing with a pair of dark skinny jeans as it does with a fitted dress and pumps. Experiment with different accessories and pieces to see which styles you like most.

This Fashionista chose to wear a simple black peacoat with olive pants, gray lace boots and a paisley infinity scarf. The color from the scarf and texture from the boots help to make the simple outfit more interesting.

Whether you chose to emulate this Fashionista’s look or test out your own combinations, be sure to consider adding a peacoat to your wardrobe this season.