STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Polished for the New Year

January 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

As we ring in the new year, it is important to remember where we’ve been or rather, what we’ve worn throughout the past year. My thinking is to not completely toss out your wardrobe from the last 12 months, but to perhaps, reevaluate it. I like to rid myself of faddish and dated clothing from the ended year.  It is a necessary process; new year, (somewhat) new clothing. This polished ensemble is intended to be stylish but business causal appropriate. If you work in an office or in retail, like I do, then this would be a perfect outfit.

I’m a fan of the structured look in general, so when it comes to blazers I’m a massive fan. I believe a blazer can elevate your look and make just about anything appear polished. The blazer is simple, elegant and a staple. The suede croc mustard yellow shirt, the play on the classic pinstripe trousers and the unique white oxfords turns the basic work uniform into a trendy go-to.

I love trousers that have jogger-like features: fitted waist, narrow darting and in particular, cinched ankles. This Fashionista displays these perfect twist the classic jogger extremely well.These navy pinstripe jogger-like trousers are comfortable without looking sloppy and are a perfect alternative to jeans. It is time to ditch your work uniform and other questionable items you stumbled upon in 2015!

Essentially, all people who want to be taken seriously in the workforce must have a simple staple blazer. When selecting your first blazer try to steer clear of embellishments and loud colors since they can distract. Blazers can be pricey, but I think it is a worthwhile investment.

I truly love oxfords! Oxfords are so versatile and usually have a clean, sleek and polished look to them. This twist on the classic oxford having a foam sole is classically cool. To be honest, I’m not usually a fan of white shoes for several reasons, but the color works on these oxford sneakers.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for work, class or a day-time outing. Joggers have been around for a couple years now and could be considered as a trendy staple. However, what sets this Fashionista’s pants apart is she’s wearing trousers that also happen to be joggers. This Fashionista’s blazer is fairly simplistic yet because of this, it appears polished. Due to the fact that blazers are a staple, some designers attempt to make them more complex. Conversely, I’ve found the most sophisticated blazers are simplistic with subtle changes. A nice pop of color can make an average outfit into an extraordinary one. This Fashionista’s mustard yellow blouse and white oxfords enhance her outfit. One would not normally think of white being a bold color but in this case it acts as one. Little tweaks and considerations when assembling an outfit can set you apart from the masses. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be bold but subtle. Be dressy but comfortable. And never over embellish.”