One of the best things about pocket T-shirts is that it is so versatile. Depending on the brand you got, there is usually a lot of vibrant colors to choose from. This Fashionista is wearing a lavender one, which is a great color for the summer. Besides all of the colors you can get, another great quality about a pocket T-shirt is the actual pocket. It is such a small detail, but one of the biggest eye-grabbers about the T-shirt.

This Fashionista did a great job on deciding what to pair with his pocket T-shirt. He is wearing a Southern Tide pocket T-shirt with a Southern Tide visor. Visors are a great statement piece because like a hat they can pull together the whole outfit. This navy visor works perfectly with the navy detail in this Fashionisto’s shirt. I absolutely love how there are designs on both sides of his shirt. Paired with the T-shirt, this Fashionisto decided on a basic color short. His khaki colored shorts are the perfect neutral color to wear with the lavender short to not take away from the color. The shorts also make this outfit look more put together and clean.

Now let’s talk about his accessories. His rose gold KORS Michael Kors watch adds that wow factor to this outfit without being overbearing with accessories. To finish the outfit off, he chose dark brown Sperry Top-Siders. The dark brown color is so sleek and works great with this outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Have fun with colors and pair vibrant shorts with vibrant T-shirts for a fun and fashionable look.”