Ever since I was a little girl, I absolutely loved polka-dots and I am proud to say that love has continued with me throughout the years. Polka-dots dominate runway shows time and time again, and I feel confident in saying that polka-dots are here to stay. I know that polka-dots might bring back flashbacks to being a toddler and being forced to wear giant, poofy dresses that often varied in only the color of polka-dots. Still, I firmly believe that polka-dots can be used to achieve a variety of looks, from chic to high-fashion and even edgy. You just have to know how to pair certain pieces together.

For example, I recently a paired a pair of black and white polka-dot jeans with a white and gold polka-dotted blouse. Now, I know that this might sound ridiculous, but I honestly loved the look and definitely recommend trying it. I even encourage mixing polka-dots with different prints. That has often been outside of my comfort zone, but it was the goal of my summer: to mix and match a variety of prints. Still, if you’re nervous about starting so boldly, try something simple like a polka-dot dress or shirt.

This Fashionista rocked her simple polka-dot ensemble. She pairs a blue and white polka-dot dress with matching pointed-toed heels. Her dress features a row of white buttons on the side. She accessorized simply with a silver watch. Overall, her look is chic and classy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m a huge re-sale person! I like the adventure of finding clothes, especially because they are unique and have a lot of character. I also really like vintage clothing; it’s so classy. I’m really excited that vintage is coming back.”