One of my favorite things is looking at men’s fashion and pulling out items, ideas and trends that can translate into my personal wardrobe. Also on my list of favorites is the fall season. This is for two reasons only. The first reason I love autumn is because it is the season that gives you the perfect little window to wear all of your cutest outfits that are way too heavy for the summer’s thick heat, but way too thin for winter’s whipping temperatures. The second reason why autumn is awesome is the fact that it is finally acceptable to start a holiday countdown, but we won’t talk about that.

This Fashionisto hit the casual fall fashion nail (I’m sure there is one) right on the head. His choice of an olive green parka was perfectly stylish and suitable for the transitional weather. Parkas are unarguably a staple fall clothing item. I love parka style outerwear, because it is unisex. There is nothing I love more then a piece that both of the sexes have their take on. Because of this androgyny, I was able to pull some weekend style inspiration from his outfit. He paired his jacket with a maroon crew neck, a stylish pair of cuffed dark-denim jeans, a gray beanie hat and some all-black Nikes to pull off a super effortless fall look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I don’t know, I guess don’t wear socks with sandals.”