Lack of sleep, scattered index cards and large amounts of coffee. Ahhh…finals week is here! As we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of finals week, we don’t always have time to assemble the perfect outfit. Instead, pulling on the closest (and only clean) items in your closet tends to happen after you slept through your alarm. But no worries because there are ample ways that you can mix up any pattern your closet has to throw at your lack-of-sleep self.

Men’s fashion is notorious for being basic, mostly consisting of plain, classic pieces. But this isn’t always a bad thing! Basic pieces are the easiest and most versatile pieces to put together to make a fashionable outfit. One of my favorite and easiest pieces  are a pair of joggers and a pullover. It’s no question that these staple fall pieces are becoming more and more prominent in men’s fashion. Ranging from prints to basic colors, these pullovers and joggers can be found in all styles, making it adjustable to numerous different looks. As the weather gets colder and winter approaches, layering is the best option for staying warm, and what’s better to layer with than a pullover?

This Fashionisto is a prime example of a comfortable and classic look that appears fashionable and effortless. He is rocking a textured pullover with a basic red T-shirt underneath, paired with brown joggers and plaid sneakers matched with patterned socks. All of these articles of clothing have easy colors to match with, and they can be used to make lots of different outfits. To style it up a bit, you could also play around with T-shirts of different colors, patterns and materials to be more fashionable when you take off your pullover indoors. Additionally you could also mix up the colors of your joggers. As long as you own these basic styles of clothing, you’re all set for a quick and easy outfit while running out the door on finals week!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ”When it comes to patterns I always say, yes! Patterns may seem scary to some but there is nothing to fear. When mixing patterns, the simpler and more graphic the print, the easier they are to mix. Just the right amount of wrong can be right when it comes to pattern play.”