Summer is the perfect season to bring out all of your favorite prints and patterns! This Fashionisto didn’t only catch my eye because of the many patterns he’s rocking, but because of the amount of color he incorporated into his look. The patterns and colors just scream, “Welcome to paradise!”

This Fashionisto was not afraid to combine two different patterns into his OOTD. He took a subtle approach to the patterns on his shirt by wearing a pink button-down that featured scattered, white palm trees. The white on pink draws less attention, which is a smart choice when you have another pattern that is more eye-catching, like his hat. The floral print on his hat brings his outfit to life due to the brightness of the colors. With the hat as the main attraction, the shirt plays no distraction. Mixing two patterns- one subtle and one bold- is the best way to turn an outfit from drab to fab!

When playing with patterns, it is important to keep the rest of the outfit simple, whether it’s with solid colored bottoms or an everyday watch. Too many patterns can be distracting. Only let one or two items be the main attraction of your summer wardrobe! Remember that patterns can travel anywhere, on any outfit. A solid shirt and bottoms can be spiced up with patterned shoes or socks, or even a colorful backpack for all of the summer adventures one may take on.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to rock more than one pattern. Be confident in your style. Look good, feel good.”