An American tailor named Ebeneezer Butterick was the first to create a sewing pattern in 1863. Today, the pattern trend is used by many all over the world including this Fashionisto. Fashion companies display and sell many varieties of different patterns. Patterned button-downs also come in short sleeves and long. This Fashionisto chose to wear a light colored blue patterned long sleeve button-down that he cuffed up. It’s very good that he chose to wear a light color because it’s summer! Dark colors are a thing of the past. (Until fall or winter at least..).

The pattern on this Fashionisto’s button-down leaves you wondering. It looks very summery from far away with the wondering eyes opinion. Up close, you slowly come into take that the pattern is indeed floral! Floral is always a go-to pattern for the spring/summer season. Obviously, because everywhere you look you can see flowers growing! This Fashionisto leaves his button-down open a bit by showing his white undershirt. He pairs his shirt with gray shorts held up with a black belt that has a gold buckle.

Topping it off, he then spices up his outfit by adding an Aztec type bracelet. The bracelet makes the outfit a bit more interesting. On his feet, he has navy loafers that are extremely comfy for a day out. Not only does this Fashionisto look stylish, but he proves that not only ladies can rock floral!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This shirt, like any other pattern shirt, adds a twist to any outfit. It makes it more eye appealing and more noticeable. So make sure you’re ready to stand out!”