Orange and red leaves, hot beverages and killer outfits. These are just a few of my favorite things! The fall season has a lot to offer and let’s face it; plaid and destroyed denim definitely make the top of the list for this seasons trends. The dynamic duo are immediate go-to’s when the chilly weather rolls in. Admit it, you have a plaid or ripped something in that messy college dorm room of yours!

There is literally so much going on in this Fashionista’s trendy get-up that I cannot stop drooling over. In general, plaid is just one of those ridiculously awesome patterns that will never go out of style. This season however, it is coming on stronger than ever. You see it in scarves, handbags, boots and of course tops. Why, you ask? There’s something about that lumberjack look we all can’t get enough of. As I scan the versatile styles that surround me while walking the paths of Delaware, the plaid shirt and denim combo are dominating. But hey, wait a minute. Not just the ‘90s, old, blue jeans (while these are making a swift comeback). I’m talking beat-up, torn and shredded denim. The more holes, the better. They can be boyfriend fit, skinny or flared. It’s about whatever style floats your boat. I know what I’m buying on my next shopping trip.

How lucky am I to have spotted this lovely Fashionista strutting this very same look that consumes most of us 20 somethings? Her outfit hits the nail on the head. The J.Crew plaid shirt and cropped skinny jeans just work. What do you know? Her jeans are ripped and patched as to sport this seasons trendiest look. Bingo! Not only am I jealous of how effortlessly this look comes together, but notice how her accessories make it whole. Instead of keeping things on the simple side, our Fashionista throws us for a twist. Heeled booties. Enough said. They give the plaid and ripped jeans combination a new meaning. The gray color of these shoes pulls from the stripes in the plaid shirt accomplishing something magical. It just feels right.

Also, check out her Michael Kors watch. Trendsetters must always know that time it is! This outfit would have given a totally different vibe if her kate spade tote wasn’t present either. The tote says, sophistication or posh. Anything else might have taken away from her look rather than added to it! Fashion is all about choices, people. Let us admire that this RAD Fashionista made all of the right ones while showing off her trendy ensemble!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can’t ever go wrong with a button-down plaid shirt and ripped up jeans. If you feel like making it more daring, slip on some heeled booties and call it a day!”