STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pastel, Present and Future

February 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

One thing I will definitely miss about Savannah when moving to Hong Kong this coming March is its eagerness to look beautiful all the time. Whether it’s sun-soaked days or cotton candy-colored skies at night, Savannah will never disappoint when it comes to weather. Lately, Savannah has been getting hotter and that means the fashion is getting hotter as well.

This Fashionista sports some major pastels while bathing in the sunlight of a sun-soaked spot. Pastels have been a growing trend over the last couple years, specifically when Pantone named its two colors of the year, both of which belonged to the pastel family. Living in a coastal town definitely makes it easier for us to pull of pastels year-round, but nothing is as encouraging as a 70-degree day in January.

This Fashionista’s dress was found at a very popular thrift store that is always saturated with other SCAD students. Although it is vintage, many similar silhouettes are available. The glue that hold this very simplistic yet stunning outfit together is the sunglasses. If you have been awake for the past year, you know that the round sunglasses trend is no joke and only continues to grow bigger. The transparent yet colorful style of these glasses tie perfectly with the colors in the Fashionistas dress.  Another great addition to this outfit is her jean jacket. This Fashionista finds that extra bit of warmth while still keeping with her spring theme- a serious staple to your pseudo-spring wardrobe.  All in all, this outfit is beautifully rounded out with a pair of white Keds, and how this Fashionista kept hers this clean is something we’re still wondering—mine, personally, are now brown and covered in paint.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wearing pastels allows for maximum soft edge added to any look”