Ah, the month of February has finally arrived. From Black History Month to Valentine’s Day, the shortest month of the year definitely serves as a busy period for everyone. As students at Lehigh return to campus to tackle the spring semester, they must also brave the cold aftermath of winter storm Jonas—ranked in the top 10 of blizzards to hit the Northeast this year. A major trend this winter season that enables students to keep warm is none other than the perfect peacoat.

This extraordinary element of outerwear comes in various shapes, styles and fabrics, which make it easy to pair with any outfit. Deemed a classic trend that has been in the fashion world since the 1720s, the peacoat has continued to reign as a timeless piece that successfully reflects current fashion trends. Ultimately, the peacoat is significant because it has maintained its original features, while also adapting to new trends, making it a common item worn by individuals all season long.

This Fashionisto’s outfit illustrates the evolution of the peacoat and how it remains relevant to present day fashion trends. His long, horn button peacoat is the main focus of his outfit, as it adds a vibrant, forest green element to his overall look. Underneath his coat, this Fashionisto layers a wool scarf on top of a long sleeve thermal for warmth and comfort. He completes his outfit by wearing corduroy pants paired with snow friendly boots. Additionally, this Fashionisto’s fleece ear warmers and wooden bead necklaces are simple, yet effective accessories that are perfect finishing touches to his outfit.

Whatever trend you rock this winter, peacoat or not, the key is to wear something that spreads your light and eliminates ego—wear something that shows who you truly are while inspiring others around you. Style is not about being superior to others, but rather, being superior to who you used to be.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Get yourself a nice warm peacoat so you can stay classy and look professional, while maintaining your youth.”