There is nothing quite better than a wardrobe that is versatile. Having pieces that intermix is key for the ideal Fashionista wardrobe. Especially with dresses, it is good to have something that can work for many different occasions. With different jewelry and shoes, you can change almost any outfit.

This Fashionista is bringing in the New Year with a floral chiffon dress. When dressing for the New Year, many people thing you need the sparkliest outfit you can find. Instead of sparkles from head to toe, you can jazz up your outfit with a little bling around your neck. Having a jeweled statement necklace is always good to have. It is essential for making a casual outfit party ready. Another option is to wear tights and boots to make the dress more casual.

Spending money on a new dress for special occasions is always dreadful. A great way to save money is buying something that you will wear again. Personally I hate to spend money on something I will wear only once for a few hours of a night. That is what’s so perfect about this dress. The long sleeves make it more appropriate for the winter/fall and adding accessories can change the entire look for whatever plans you may have.

This floral Fashionista is starting the new year off just right!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love this dress because I can wear it any season of the year. I can add tights and boots when it’s colder outside or I can put on a pair of sandals in warm weather.”