STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Oversized and Understated

It is now the last month of the year and whether we like it or not, “winter is coming.” Preparing for the winter solstice, it’s time to take out the thicker sweaters and jackets that have been packed away for months. Don’t want to surrender your fall fashion just yet? This Fashionista shows us the perfect way to stay warm while still making a statement with her effortless layered look and oversized twill jacket.

This season’s outerwear trend is all about the oversized look. The oversized jacket in particular has taken a hint from the boyfriend style, making boxy look sophisticated when styled with the right separates. Being cozy, warm and trendy is a triple win with this ongoing trend.

This boyfriend style jacket is trending because it is an effortless look with a feminine flair. With our busy lives, this look is easy and chic which is something every Fashionista/o wants hanging in their closet. It can suit your needs while taking a hike across campus to your next class in the cold front while carrying your matching oversized bag with all of your books and planners. Going out on the town later? Dress this coat up with a skinny leather legging, a chiffon top and some lace up heels. This Fashionista keeps it casual with a layered white sweater, light denim cropped jeans, a pair of white Converse and a chunky necklace.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Picking a jacket that makes you feel glamorous and effortless at the same time is a game changer. Comfortable and confident are two things you should always feel.”