Summertime is officially upon us and with the heat comes the desire to dress in the least amount of clothes that is socially acceptable. On most days some may want to crawl out of bed, throw on from running shorts and a tank top, but for some there’s still the burning question: “What am I going to wear to work (or other occasion) today?” I’ve said it before and I will say it again: rompers! They’re lifesavers. This Fashionista was my Style Guru choice this week and a romper is exactly what she rocked. Shorts aren’t always acceptable to wear to work, but even with daily activities finding a pair of shorts that aren’t too short is a struggle. I love opting for dresses or skirts as an alternative, but when it’s just a little too hot for comfort monitoring the “thigh rub” is just not how I want to spend my day.

This Fashionista picked a blue floral patterned Forever21 romper and paired a slightly lighter, more pastel blue Urban Outfitters’ halter bralette underneath to flatter the square neckline. Square necklines are tricky to navigate when finding a bra to wear underneath. However, bralettes are a hot trend that are encouraged to be shown under all garments of clothing. With all types of variations in support and color, bralettes are the new way to go. My Fashionista dressed down her outfit by pairing gray Sperry Top Siders, giving this outfit an easy, casual look. The best part about wearing a romper is that you can easily take it from one activity or occasion to the next. This Fashionista could slip on a pair of heels or wedges to meet her friends out for girls night or to head out for a date night!

She also accessorized by wearing an edgy black choker from PacSun, the prettiest Forever21 rings, a signet ring purchased on Etsy and of course reflective rose gold sunglasses from Francesca’s! This Fashionista also represented her Princeton pride by rocking a cream colored baseball cap, what better way to shield the sun! Baseball caps are making a comeback this season. One of my favorite places to shop caps is from the Love Your Melon website because not only does it go to an amazing cause, but you get to represent your college or university at the check out!

Not only does this Fashionista have amazing style, she also has an amazing personality!

WHAT IS YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to create your own eclectic style. I know everyone wants to fit in with what is trendy, but some of the best outfits come from putting your own twist to a classic look. Don’t be afraid to mix higher end pieces with stuff that is thrifted or even found in your mom’s (or dad’s) closet. Express your own personal style even if that means taking a risk in an outfit that you might not think works.”