This look encompasses a casual, daytime look that any man can pull off in comfort and style. The old school charm of the letterman jacket has not lost its appeal. There is something romantic about this vintage green piece, that is preppy but not overdone. This outfit radiates an irresistible flair reminiscent of your high school crush, the talented football star, or the heart-breaker movie star. This Fashionista makes it look easy to be this cool.

The Letterman jacket takes center stage in this outfit. However, it is complemented well by slightly faded blue jeans and a blue T-shirt. Keeping the rest of the look simple kept from competing with the statement piece. Another hint is to keep your jeans cuffed at the ankles. This Fashionisto shows us how it’s done by showing off his black high tops beneath the cuff. This adds to the preppy flair, and keeps his jeans from looking bunched and messy.

This authentic vintage jacket from the ’70s is also unique because of its bold hue. Summer is the perfect time to break out this bright green color. The sharp white details and patches are simple, but they also add an element of fun. You can recreate this look by checking out your local Goodwill or raiding your dad’s old wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it simple, classic and true to yourself! A lot of people look like they are trying too hard to wear so many trends in one outfit.”