STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Official Seal Of Approval

July 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

GQ called—they want their model back. Honestly, if I didn’t know any better I would be convinced that Tyra Banks whipped this week’s Fashionisto into shape herself! Check out his effortless pose…and that super cool finger point! Cue the swoons. Something tells me that Miss Banks had a little help from Steven Rogers in styling this Fashionisto…not everyone can pull off a bomber jacket that well. (Side note: Doesn’t this week’s laid back lad bare an uncanny resemblance to Captain America? Just look at that bone structure!)

Yes, I know this sultry fellow is probably lacking his pilot’s license, but at first glance don’t you just envision him strutting off of his private jet? He may not be a full-time Air Force cadet, but he can sure rock a military style bomber jacket like nobody’s business. This Fashionisto is not be circumnavigating the world by air circa Amelia Earhart, but personally I think properly working a bomber jacket in summer is an equally as taxing feat.

The secret to engineering a July-appropriate, jet-inspired look is to select a lightweight jacket material—making sure you fly right into this season’s fashion radar. Guys: take some notes from this week’s feature and stay away from dark shoes. Whether you opt for loafers, boat shoes or sneakers, a lighter shade will emphasize the airiness in your outfit. Here, the Fashionisto’s Cole Haan desert boots played off of the white accent in his plaid shirt and bestowed his khakis with a brighter undertone. Since the jacket is the desired focus, you should have other articles that highlight the jacket’s cool factor. A bomber jacket is cool and edgy. Avoid fighting this vibe with anything too tailored, like a crisp, solid button-down. On the other hand, avert everything that is too grungy, like ripped or light wash jeans. This Fashionisto’s plaid top and perfectly, un-perfectly pressed khakis did the trick.

Finalize your look with great accessories. Men, you can accessorize, too! A pair of funky socks is a great way to add some sizzle to an otherwise blasé combination. Toss on a wide-face watch like this SKAGEN for a touch of masculinity. In this case, that macho flair is necessary to even out the more feminine belt pattern.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A bomber jacket is just that: a bomber jacket. Make yourself stand out by balancing it with other aspects of your fashion personality. Anything from statement socks to a paralyzing pose will do!”