STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Nothing is The New Black

December 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s obvious and unstoppable: black jeans are the newest and hottest fad around. Whether it’s around campus, walking through your academic buildings or even just at the local grocery store, you’d be lying if you told me that you didn’t see at least one pair of black jeans a day in your town.

I saw this Fashionista sporting her own pair of black denim with a comfy turtleneck sweater she recently purchased with high-rising sides. The creme and brown accents in the sweater complemented the black in her jeans spot on, and I couldn’t help but loving her fashion statement. She really added to this outfit when picking out her shoes of the day—a pair of casual black heels. Having a thicker brown heel to the black shoe helped bring together not only the brown tones in her top but also the black in her bottoms. Once she chose the basic essentials of her outfit, she decided to add some color with accessories to make her outfit really pop. This Fashionista first chose some basic gold rings with splashes of turquoise and periwinkle. To finish the look completely, she threw on some black and blue sunglasses to pair along with the chilly yet sunny weather.

This Fashionista isn’t the only one wearing this edgy new look—not that I am one to complain. The new fall style is the perfect match to just about any and every other piece of clothing you pair along with it. Almost everyone is hopping on the bandwagon of owning a pair of black jeans and is planning on wearing them throughout every season. Although fall is one of the best times to really show off all of our fashions, these will remain “in season” for months to come.