STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Nothing But A T-Shirt Dress On

How often is it that fashion and comfort work together in a symbiotic relationship? We are talking about when both play roles in keeping the wearer trendy and comfy, because most of the time, people are uncouth when keeping comfortable. Oftentimes in fashion, one of these elements is sacrificed to please the other. This is unfortunate because on most days, you do want to look like you care about your appearance, but the chances of you grabbing your “hand-wash only” blouse in lieu of your favorite T-shirt is slim to none.

Insert the T-shirt dress, an item that I suggest every Fashionista should own. First of all, wearing a dress is the easiest way to look presentable. On top of that, the comfort of the T-shirt-like material gives the dress its overall likability. Fashion and comfort just doesn’t come together too often. So when you come across an article of clothing that will give you these two elements, you better press, dry-clean, store in a cool area and hand-wash this item.

The T-shirt dress is ideal for college students and this Fashionista demonstrates how you can take it from casual to dressy. By embellishing the dress with her long, gold necklace and stacked rings, she’s able to keep her look polished and ready for a night out. With a swap of necklaces, this outfit would be perfect for class, as well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I gravitated towards this dress because of its versatility. I always get a lot of wear, and compliments, out of it. I think in fashion, it’s important for the person to be comfortable in what he or she has on. The T-shirt dress can be that perfect item.”