You just handed in your last final, you packed up your whole room and now you are finally able to just crawl into bed and fall into an eternal slumber. Except that you have to get groceries and pick up the dry cleaning for your mom, watch your toddler siblings for a couple hours until the sitter comes and then head over to the pizzeria where you waitress part time. Thinking of an outfit that is fun, flattering and functional for all of these tasks seems even more tiring then the chores themselves. Fashionistas, I strongly urge you not to fall under the pressures of a sorority T-shirt and Nike shorts because there is another way.

The solution: roll out of bed and throw on a T-shirt dress. Flattering on all body types, this one-piece loose cotton dress is the perfect solution for a lazy college student with a long list of things to do. Look at this Fashionista! She has just finished moving all of the furniture out of her apartment and into a U-Haul truck in 80 degree Atlanta weather! There’s no need to bring out the gym clothes because now, the T-shirt dress has it made it that easy to look cute and be practical.

To add some spice to her look, this Fashionista threw on some of the most functional accessories to conquer the day. First, she layers two choker necklaces around her neck, nothing too long or chunky to get in the way of her tasks. Next, she wears a simple hand chain on her non-dominant hand to add some pizazz, but still stay functional. Finally, she wears a black hobo handbag. This dark leather bag is weather-neutral and can be worn across your body when handling many things at once, i.e. holding the hands of a five year old, carrying groceries and dry cleaning, walking a dog or running around at work.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice to you all is to look at simplicity when shopping. Our eyes naturally are attracted to funky patterns and textures and while it’s important to have statement pieces and variety inside the closet, take special notice to buy shift pieces that can be worn to multiple occasions using a range of accessories.”