If you live in New York then you understand the bi-polar weather that goes on here. Whether you’re upstate or down in the city, the temperature usually changes a few times a day and it gets old quickly. As annoying as it is, it means we have to dress in layers, which I love!

This Fashionista rocks the layers in the city and has some secret tricks up her sleeve. What I really love about this look is the mix of neutral colors. Neutral colors are a major fall trend and mixing them can give you that extra classy look. She also mixes fabrics with her suede skirt, fuzzy jacket and leather Vans. Mixing the colors and fabrics is a really interesting element to this look. Wearing layers definitely comes in handy with the weather and taking the look from day to night. You can wear the outfit as is during the day, while taking off your jacket as the day gets warmer. At night, slip off your skirt and—surprise! That high neck tank top is actually a simple and flirty dress. This is definitely a clever and unique way to style an outfit. When you get tired of all your tops or just can’t find the right one to go with your favorite skirt, try layering a dress underneath, who knows maybe it’ll look as good as this Fashionista’s outfit. She also added layers of necklaces to spice up her outfit a little more, and she totally nailed it!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THR WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to mix colors, fabrics or even patterns. You do you!”