STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Not Your Mom’s Overalls

Attention ’90s kids, it is time to rejoice because one of our most beloved closet staples is back and bigger than ever. Overalls are officially in again this season, but don’t fret, because these aren’t your mom’s washed out and shapeless overalls. This trend of seasons past has gotten a facelift and new life thanks to Fashionistas/os all over the world adding their own individual flare and styling them to their liking.

Overalls are an easy go-to this season and a look that is hard to mess up. They are truly an iconic fashion statement. From popping up through history on soldiers in the American Revolution to being worn by lovable minions on the big screen, overalls have a storied history in America.

This Fashionista wore a perfectly fitting pair of overalls with a tank underneath, which is a great combo to combat the Florida heat. She added an always chic flannel around her waist, which is a great addition for a chilly classroom. This Fashionista also sported a cute pair of oxfords which juxtapose nicely against the rest of the outfit. The shoes offer an air of sophistication to the rest of the outfit which is more street style centric.

Make overalls your own by adding pieces you love that are unique to your fashion taste and personality. I personally would love a white pair to wear with floral sandals. In case you find yourself hesitant about the world of overalls, you might want to try shortalls first which are a type of overall that has shorts instead of pants. If you love the overall trend and want to get super creative, try rocking this fun, tie-dye pair so you can finally realize your dream of being a giant beanie baby. All jokes aside, with the right styling like this Fashionista, overalls can be made cool once again.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m really into overalls and jumpsuits! I love the fact that jumpsuits can be casual or formal. A touch of the right accessories, such as a bold necklace, can truly make a jumpsuit shine! Did I also mention how comfortable most jumpsuits are?”