July 8th, 2015 at 2:10am

Overalls are a controversial piece that some would like to see visit the ever growing metaphorical graveyard of one-time trends. But with summer temperatures reaching their peak, I would argue that overalls are the perfect summer staple.

Perhaps the first, and scariest, thing that comes to mind when debating overalls is our childhood pair. Covered in flower patches and perfect for running around daycare in, my overalls were just a fact of life. Maybe it’s the belief that overalls connote a sense of childishness that makes them socially unacceptable at our age. Or maybe it’s their uncanny ability to leave us with the world’s most obvious camel toe. But whatever the real reason, with our hectic adult (I know, scary right?) lives, don’t we all just wish we could be kids again?

Whether it’s the full-length or shortalls version, overalls offer the ease and simplicity that the process of getting dressed lost when we decided that overalls were only for kids. If you’re looking at a sunny summer day with friends, this Fashionista has you covered. A basic T-shirt and sneakers look will keep you comfortable for a picnic in the park or trek around the mall. If you want to dress up for a girl’s night out, full-length overalls and some killer heels is the perfect way to go. With the capability to be worn to dressy functions or running errands, the versatility of overalls means outfit options abound!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what inspires the way I dress other than music. I feel like the artists I listen to have a big influence on what I wear and the image I’m going for. I think through the years I struggled with identifying my aesthetic with something and then one day I realized it doesn’t need to be defined.