Monochrome, a trend that has been embedded into our wardrobes thanks to the influence of high fashion designers like Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, has yet again taken college campuses by storm. In every woman’s closet you can find a white shirt, black jeans and a black leather bag that is used on a daily basis. These two shades have managed to remain a staple of elegance and sophistication throughout fashion history, and they have become an effortless ensemble that can be dressed up or down and used for any occasion. This week’s style advice showcases how this yin-yang combination makes the perfect back to school outfit for those who seek a chic and effortless look.

Pairing an understated white striped button down blouse from IRO and black skinny jeans from Zara, this Fashionista creates a cool and comfortable look perfect to show off between classes. Using an oversized Céline leather tote bag to carry books and a laptop is a great alternative to using a backpack, and adds maturity to the look. In terms of footwear, it is important for any student to sport shoes that can stand up to the fast pace of the day. Slip on sneakers from Joshua Sanders are the best way to go and are one of the seasons most sought out for trends, a must-have.

In terms of jewelry and eyewear, this girl has the finest bling. Matte RETROSUPERFUTURE® sunglasses and a pair of chain earrings are a great way to add edge and uniqueness to the outfit. A gold bear pendant layered with a diamond necklace adds the perfect amount charm and delight to such a monochromatic look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I have always been a bit of a tomboy, possibly due to the reverse psychology of having a mother who spent years in the fashion industry, and while I would like to think that I have outgrown that embarrassing phase, I will forever have a weak spot for sneakers and oversized T-shirts. I would not consider myself much of a ‘Fashionista’ but if you like Mia’s style in Pulp Fiction, my ‘fashion advice’ would be to get a few nice leather jackets, motorcycle boots and comfortable sneakers, and throw them on over anything.”