STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: No Nonsense, Just Neutrals

With all of us Sconnie’s busting out our tank tops, dresses and shorts this week, a foreigner would think its summer and 75 degrees based on the way we’re all dressed. But to a typical Wisconsinite, it’s just like every other day in March; One day it’s negative two degrees and snowing, the next its 65 and sunny. With that in mind, we have all learned to dress accordingly and are sure to check our Weather Channel app for the daily forecast before we head out the door. This week’s Fashionisto has put together and outfit that has him ready for whatever the day has to come, and one that is sure to keep him looking stylish and dress to the nines no matter where the day takes him.

As we all transition our wardrobes to fit the bright, vibrant spring colors it can be hard for those of us who are absolutely in love with our neutrals (guilty as charged). However, aiming towards brighter hues, such as blues or greens like this Fashionisto has demonstrated, can still keep your outfit fun while allowing you to play around with a more “neutral” silhouette.

By starting with a few basics, such as a khaki pant and an army green jacket gives you a variety of color options to play around with. In this case, this Fashionisto grabbed a deep blue tie to dress things up a bit and add a little color. He also added color with his shoe laces and military-inspired button-up to add a little twist. By adding a printed, shirt he is able to break up some of the monotonous tones of color while not overpowering or drawing too much attention to one aspect of the outfit. By adding a few colors to this simply chic silhouette with a patterned shirt and bright colored laces on a more casual dress shoe and glasses to match adds creativeness of the outfit; it also allows one to experiment with different tones and hues to create dimension.

This outfit is perfect for any occasion in that you are able to dress it down by removing the tie, or take it up a notch and pairing it with a dapper pair of dress shoes. By allowing yourself the luxury of wearing a light jacket or overcoat and having a few different areas to add accent pieces, such as a tie or funky glasses, is what ultimately allows each and every one of us to develop our own style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Loving neutrals isn’t always a bad thing. You just have to be confident and try adding a statement piece to switch things up a bit in order to add some life to your outfit. I always try to add a few vibrant or statement pieces to what I’m wearing, like my shoe laces, because it makes the outfit a little more fun.”