Getting away for the weekend? Do it in style like this Fashionista. As bold as some outfits can be, there’s no need to sacrifice comfort to look good. Just utilize the color black, play with texture and keep everything else simple.

This Fashionista has the formula of traveling in style perfected. Let’s start with the glamorous faux fur coat. Its fuzzy silhouette yet shiny texture offers the perfect balance of cozy and couture. Faux fur is a big trend for the upcoming cold months, and this Fashionista is giving it a casual wear revival. The rest of her clothing, loose and black, create the perfect base layer for a statement piece like the aforementioned coat. The best outfits are oftentimes the ones that require the least amount of effort. This Fashionista is headed to one of the fashion capitals of the world: New York. With a loud coat like this, she’ll be ready to take on the city as she steps off the bus.

The accessories are a great touch to the outfit as well. The scarf almost blends in with the Fashionista’s clothing, but provides another layer for a windy climate. Scarves are a versatile piece and help create a mood depending on its shape. Draped around the neck as shown in the photos, offers a laidback vibe, perfect for a travel-filled day. The hat is the cherry on top and balances out the appearance of the coat. Hats are a Fashionista/o’s best friend on a windy day especially if you are in a hurry to get ready. Its nude color with a black leather band makes it more polished than Indiana Jones-esque and adds just enough drama. Add these to your look when you’re going off campus and you’re bound to turn heads.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Choose to be comfortable. It’s important.”