The overwhelming, ever-present feeling that is associated with the start of a new semester has dawned on the majority of students. Trying to navigate through the various hassles of classes, expenses and internships claims to be some of the most stressful elements associated with this new start. One of the easiest things to let go of during this period is our style. More often than not, students will settle for the most comfortable pieces closest to their doorways when they realized they’ve overslept. Fortunately, this was not the case for this Fashionisto on his first day back.

This Fashionisto constructed his outfit to not only suit the chilly weather, but also to showcase his style. The all-black trend has always been a go-to style for many individuals. Whether they’re trying to attain a slimmer physique or seeking a simplistic look, black has always been a go-to color. He sports a very essential item to everyone’s wardrobe, a pair of all-black combat boots. Although a basic item, combat boots have evolved from being a common item associated with military settings to a style worn by girly girls, tomboys and everyone in-between. Commonly paired with skinny jeans, combat boots are generally composed of different types of buckles, zippers and various composition materials that make up the boot. Combat boots has taken over and replaced the causal shoe.

This Fashionisto’s versatile outfit is supplemented by a gray and black two-toned scarf and black satchel. Caught rushing into the university’s library, his balanced look seemed fitting for his daily duties and on the go schedule.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never sacrifice a good outfit because of your schedule. Make it work for whatever you have planned.”