The best part about fashion is that everyone has their own style. Some people dress preppy while others like punk, but the thing that makes fashion so great is the fact that you can always switch it up and try something new. This Fashionista is always doing just that; she loves experimenting with fashion and this outfit is her latest creation.

Although it’s technically the dead of winter, it’s been unusually warm here in New York City. Thanks to this weather, Fashionistas have been able to showcase their outfits without worrying about bundling up.

I call this look the New Americana. This rustic look seamlessly mixes prints and colors; her perfectly broken-in denim jacket, complete with American flag fabric on the back, goes great with her eye-catching plaid top. A denim jacket is definitely a must-have. They haven’t gone out of style since the 1980s! They come in a different styles that suit everyone’s individuality. Hit up your local thrift shop to find a unique jacket you love! To avoid the denim on denim look, this Fashionista decided to rock these acid wash chino skinny jeans, which she tucked into her classic Dr. Martens boots. Balancing the right amount of masculinity with feminine touches, this Fashionista rocks this unique look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fashion is not only art, but it’s your art. You don’t have to match in order for your outfit to look good. Instead of following trends, do whatever appeals to you. You’re your own human mannequin.”