This Fashionista nailed her look with this preppy Tommy Hilfiger navy quilted coat. This coat is an amazing statement piece for February. Kent State University temperatures have been hitting all time lows this winter season. It’s often hard to dress fashionably when wind chills hit negative degrees. Having a strong outerwear piece allows her to look trendy and warm.

This Fashionista has on Topshop light wish denim jeans with ripped detailing. She cuffs the bottom of the jeans to hit the top of her cool booties. While the rest of her body is bundled tight, this Fashion major shows a peek of skin through the rips in her jeans.

Her preppy outerwear and ripped denim is complimented with a dark navy knit T-shirt. The two shades of navy style well together for a seriously cool look. She breaks up the dark colors of her outfit with a gold statement necklace. She is comfortable for a long and cold day of classes but is also extremely fashion-forward.

I’m always attracted to a stand out shoe, and this Fashionista’s kicks are just that! Her lumberjack inspired heeled booties are an easy addition to her classic outfit. The gray and red shoelaces make the shoes look rugged and rough. The lack of crazy colors in her outfit help to really nail this navy trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “My favorite look for winter is wearing a casual shirt and dressing it up with a fabulous pair of shoes or other accessory. My booties are perfect for snow and super comfy.”