STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Multifaceted Front

As the cold weather intensifies, it becomes more tempting to stay inside, snuggled under some blankets with a mug of hot chocolate steaming by your side. The chilly temperatures, however, are a great excuse to pile on the cozy layers and create intricate looks that are not as easily achieved in the warmer seasons.

One of the best things about winter fashion is that every article of clothing seems to have multiple purposes. This Fashionista nailed her winter look with ease, as she chose a relatively neutral color palette and incorporated various textures and details to keep the outfit interesting. The key piece of her look, however, is the woolen, forest green sweater with chunky gem accents along the neckline. This gives the sweater a dual function because it keeps her warm and jazzes up a simple outfit. The deep green of the sweater breaks up the other neutral colors and is an ideal shade for the holiday season because it is festive, but not too showy. The gems add a necklace-like quality to the sweater, which reduces the need to further accessorize.

While the sweater is the main statement piece of this Fashionista’s look, her patterned blanket scarf and her buckled, black booties also help to transform the outfit into a unique and versatile winter look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sweaters like this green, embellished one are great because they’re comfy without being too obvious. This outfit is really just a pair of jeans and a sweater, but the small details like the gems on the sweater and little buckles on the shoes give it a little something extra that makes it work for many different situations. For example, I can wear this outfit to class today, then make a few quick changes to go out to dinner with my roommates.”