You might catch this Fashionisto on campus with his signature look: bow ties. They are an accessary that might sound outdated, but they have been making their way back into the closets of many Fashionistos for one good reason: they are a classic piece.

No longer are they perceived as nerdy, but rather, they are a desirable trend that has been echoed throughout plenty of fashion designers and shows. Bow ties are no longer a “grandfather accessory;” today they are meant for day-wear and are the next generation’s original way to set oneself apart from a crowd.

The Collared Greens is an American made company that supplies unique styles of menswear. A personal favorite item is their West Palm Pink Navy Bow Tie; it’s fun and bright perfect for the summer season. Bow ties are about having fun with your personal style and this specific bow tie does just that! Their variety of men’s accessories are limitless and the company’s message of creating and supporting American jobs and environmental conservation makes it a notable company.

Like this Fashionisto did, pair your bow tie with an updated version of the classic Bermuda club shorts. They are modernized for a clean and sophisticated lightweight look and feel. An extra-trim, fitted suit coat keeps your ensemble put together, like his light blue oxford skinny fitted suit jacket. Visit a thrift store to add vintage pieces to top off your outfit like a leather brief case—you never know what you may find!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice is [that] fashion shouldn’t have to break your pockets. It is a form of expression; there is a way to have a high fashion look without spending the high fashion prices. You just have to find the medium. Also, presentation is key. You should dress how you want to be perceived.”