Everyone loves a good mood board. The most obvious and accessible is Pinterest, where you can plan dream outfits, vacations and weddings at the click of a button. Scrolling through pages of perfectly styled outfits and trendy color combos makes it all seem so neat and easy—until you’re faced with your own closet and have to do it yourself. I’ve found that getting inspiration from mood boards and bringing it into my everyday life helps inspire me. Keeping your room clean, decorating with pictures and objects that inspire you visually or organizing your closet by color are all ways to help boost your fashion game.

This Fashionisto’s outfit, with its fun mix of colors and prints, is certainly mood board worthy. The look is calm and put together but still a little funky. His floral button-down looks great paired with simple cuffed jeans and shoes. Since we’ve had a cold snap recently, this Fashionisto bundled up under a maroon collegiate cardigan and striped scarf, both of which match colors in his button down. His camouflage backpack completes the look by adding in another color and print.

Hopefully the outfit this Fashionisto put together provides some inspiration for Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike. Next time you’re faced with an open closet and think you have nothing to wear, think about what inspires you most and follow your mood to create a rad new outfit.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style depends on what I see other people wearing and what mood I’m in. I go through my closet and throw things together. Go for comfort and what mood you’re in. Be yourself.”