STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Monochrome Menswear

Monochrome is always a hit both on and off the catwalk. Due to the simplicity and the composition of colors, it gives people more time to appreciate the style itself. The patterns, textures and designs all have their parts to play in the whole story of black and white fashion. The hight contrast between the two brightening colors light up the street. Influenced by the Menswear Fashion Week held in Florence, Italy this month, I captured this Fashionisto’s real-life monochrome look. It’s time for the boys! His outfit gives black and white fashion a fresh, modern makeover!

This Fashionisto’s white sweater and black shirt capture the most attention. It is all about the refreshing, enlightening style this combination creates. The white sweater gives a minimal Scandi look with a delicate design, which is made with quilted lines. The crossed lines and the quilted texture elevate this white sweater to a new, classy level. Under the sweater, he paired it with a black shirt, which gives another hint of elegance and mystery. If your everyday outfit is souped up with a ton of simple patterned sweaters, then it works with the addition of a chic collar. To sum up the outfit, this Fashionisto wears light washed shorts. For this monochromatic look, any kind of knee-length shorts with a different shade of gray should be applicable. Shorts with another shade of gray will not affect the clean, contrastive look that this top has created.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Monochrome doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a lot for your style when you are wearing less colors. It is a quick statement, channeling your personality and your fashion beliefs. It’s simple, but classic and easy to modify.”