One of the most marvelous aspects about the world of fashion is that as the years go on and the styles change, we still find ourselves in this recyclable world where pieces are coming back on-trend. Who’s in charge of pitching the call for these pieces to be hitting the runway once again for 2015 style? I believe it can be those who find inspiration in playing dress-up in their mother’s closet or even in the nearby Goodwill. But at the end of the day, history does indeed repeat itself, and it’s up to you to be a fashion risk taker. Take those funky vintage pieces out for the strut that they deserve.

This Fashionista is the prime example of modernizing a vintage piece. She paired a ’60s style mod-patterned skirt with a preppy button-down, a bright yellow polka-dot cardigan, a statement necklace and riding boots. Who knew that pieces of a complete different era could make such a visually appealing ensemble?

When breaking down the elements of this look, the mod skirt is what truly ties it all together. It gives this outfit a little kick of character for, without it, it would be something straight out of a J.Crew catalogue. When experimenting with vintage pieces, the best way to emphasize your outfit is to do so with different bottoms. Throw on a ’60s-inspired printed mini skirt, high-waisted wide legged ’70s style trousers or ’80s style harem pants. When choosing to wear a vintage-inspired bottom, your outfit will change from harmless to courageous in a matter of seconds.

With vintage-inspired pieces, you always have the option of going complete retro, but I think it’s much more interesting and challenging to play a game of mix and match between vintage and modern-styled pieces. Whichever way you choose, you’ll be sure to make a statement with these classic pieces. No rush, these pieces are literally timeless.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My inspiration is off-the-street style. It’s taking vintage pieces, such as my ’60s-inspired mod skirt, and mixing with modern and preppy pieces such as my oxford shirt and cardigan from J.Crew.”