April is coming to an end and we are halfway through spring! Classes are almost over, graduation is soon and summer is almost within reach. But until we’re sitting poolside soaking up sweet rays, we have to deal with the indecisive weather spring brings. This means making compromises on those days that are not too hot, but not too cold, and all you need is a light jacket (please tell me someone got that Miss Congeniality reference). I’m talking about mixing and matching proportions, people! So don’t tuck away those army jackets or cardigans just yet, and be sure to pull out your mysterious trench coats and cool anorak jackets.

This Fashionista demonstrates transitioning between new seasons in a way that is unique to her own personal style. For added warmth on a day that was sunny but windy, she layered a button-down cardigan over a simple tank top. The cardigan’s oversized silhouette combined with its elbow patches added a mixed vibe of grunge and preppy to her look. She chose to wear a pair of pastel blue high-waisted shorts, embellished with a studded leather belt. For additional detail she wore a turquoise ring, delicate bangles and awesome sunglasses. Her Dr. Martens created a balanced aesthetic of femininity and masculinity. I loved her shoes because they’re different from the traditional, popular Dr. Marten boots I see people wearing all the time.

Unsure of what to wear during this in-between weather? Go ahead and dust off your summer pieces in preparation for warmer weather! In the meantime, layer your trusty cardigans, flannels, and jackets over your favorite sundresses, crop tops and high-waisted shorts for the perfect transitional look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like my Dr. Martens because they’re less chunky than the popular combat boots. I think it’s cool to look into brands to customize trends in a way that fits your personal style.”