STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Minimalist Revival With A Dash Of Grunge

For the longest time, I was keen on the adoption of more of everything. My wardrobe was a surplus of difficult pieces that I never wore. Then the restraints of dorm living hit full force and changes were necessary. Couple this space limitation with the fashion movement towards minimalism and we can see a revival of cool and effortless minimal style in the wardrobes of many. Whether out of necessity or the appreciation of simplicity and comfort, minimalism is the current option.

First appearing in the ’80s, minimalism has its roots in the New Wave designers of Japan. A simple, neutral color palette was one strong element of this minimalist movement. Likewise, simplicity in wardrobe and accessories allows for the “cool-girl” vibe to read loud and clear.

You can take a few lessons in coolness from this Fashionista. She is wearing a nude, cropped high neck tank top and light-washed mom jeans. Here, our Fashionista incorporates effortless elements of minimalism and fuses it with polished ’90s grunge. The trace of ’90s grunge is most evident in her choice of jeans, but let’s not end there. She goes a step further, quite literally, with her essential white kicks. Our fashionista’s shoes highly resemble the Stan Smiths from adidas, which have been dominating the blogosphere lately. You’ll also notice how she abandoned traditional rules of accessorizing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Sometimes people confuse statement-making with constant accessorizing. My view is that as long as your outfit is true to YOU and makes sense to YOU, then that’s a big enough statement to flaunt.”