STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Military Is The New Black

Cute, comfy and casual makeup: the trifecta for the perfect fall outfit. Having a few basics in your closet can vamp up the simplest of wardrobes. Oversized T-shirts, a pair of great jeans and the perfect jacket are easy and can fit into any Fashionista(o)’s budget.

Military style clothes are far from going out of style. This year, the Marc Jacobs spring collection had pieces inspired by the Vietnam War era. Jacobs said, “military clothes are part of the fashion vernacular now.” My staple piece this fall is a lightweight utility jacket.   Living in Florida comes with the harsh reality that fall is the most winter we’re going to get. Instead of thick puffy coats, we settle for canvas jackets and sweaters. The olive color of military jackets makes it incredibly versatile for the season.

In this outfit, the military style jacket is paired with a mustard beanie. The two colors, which scream fall, look great together due to their oversized, laid-back look. Throw on your best jeans and T-shirt and you are sure to turn heads walking around campus, studying at your favorite coffee shop or running errands. To complete the look, put on a cool pair of sunglasses, layer up some necklaces and lace up your high-tops and you are on your way to looking fall-ready.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Anything oversized and olive has my name all over. Having a military style jacket brings the best of both trends together and I end up feeling stylish and edgy.”