Ciao! Greetings from Florence, Italy. On a sunny morning, I spotted this chic Fashionista. Her big smile with her gorgeous cherry-red lips woke the city up.

This Fashionista is from the University of Miami, majoring in Studio Art. She has come to Florence studying jewelry design and batik drawing. She thinks Florence is such a nice city to expose yourself to art and to discover the humanism of the Renaissance. Florence is a city with centuries of history. It inspires generations and generations to find their unique styles. Even though there may seem to be a big contrast between her urban outfit and the historical vibe of the area, the dramatic prints and the metallic colors add more freshness to this friendly city.

The prints on her T-shirt attracts the most attention. The contrast between white and black really pop out. If you take a closer look, you will find that the style of the floral print complements the historical and exotic atmosphere of this city. Her washed out, black ripped jeans help to calm down the vibrancy of her shirt. Jeans with rips at the knee go with all types of outfits, especially this urban metallic type.

If you love small but classic bags and chain bags, you have to check the one this Fashionista is carrying. This gorgeous Falabella shoulder bag from Stella McCartney brings every element of her outfit together and makes her stand out from the crowd. Last but not the least, her silver metallic nail polish creates a fancy finish. Her whole outfit has a harmonious theme represented by the colors: black, white and silver.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Knowing what you love and what brings up your confidence is the key to your style. It is important to focus on details of the outfit, which adds more vibrancy to the whole. Never forget to have a big smile!”