STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Men's Guide to Shorts

This season, one of the greatest movements is the revolution of shorts in men’s fashion. More guys are trading in their cargo shorts for slimmer fitting, less blouse-y styles. This week, we dive into the guide for wearing shorts this season. The key is finding the right length; shorts are bringing back the Bermuda length style. The knee length shorts are a classic piece to any Fashionisto’s closet.

The Fashionisto captured above understands the importance of proper short length. Wearing jogger style shorts, this Fashionisto is ready for his busy day of work, class and the skate park. The length of the shorts allows for maximum activity; there are no restrictions since they hit perfectly above the knee. The key detail in the shorts is the taper from the thigh to the knee.

I am obsessed with the way he plays with patterns for his shirts. Mixing prints is a definite plus this season. His floral print T-shirt ties his button-down, longer length shirt perfectly with the blue of his shorts. Notice how his shirts are just as slim fitting as his shorts. Throw on some trendy shades, like his tortoise shell Clubmaster sunglasses, and some sand colored Vans for an effortless, cool look. This Fashionisto is definitely rocking the hottest fit of the summer.

When looking for shorts this season, there are some details to look into. When shopping around, look for that taper from the knee through the thigh, this is crucial for finding that slimmer fit. Avoid shorts that have wide leg openings. You will want to find shorts that also hit your knee or just a little above. Avoid shorts that go anywhere south of your kneecap; folding up the hem on your slim, long shorts can give you a Huck Finn feel. Look for shorts that have micro patterns or solid colors to optimize your outfit choices.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can’t be afraid of trying everything on in the store. It took me a while before I found the right length and the right fit for me. “