There’s a special place in my heart reserved for maxi dresses and skirts. There’s something so whimsical about them and I like to think that they lend me a bit of elegance when I wear them. They also make anyone look like boho goddess and they’re perfect for summer.

This Fashionista’s maxi skirt had high slits on both sides, which I thought was very daring and really cool. She tied the bottom of her olive green tank top in a knot, creating the illusion of a crop top. This is a simple thing to do in order to add interest to any basic piece in your wardrobe. If you’re wearing a maxi skirt without high slits like the one this Fashionista was wearing, you could try tying the hemline in a knot for a similar look that’s breezy and practical during the summer heat.

I loved her black leather cross-body bag. It looked clean against her skirt and it complimented her effortless look nicely. For additional accessories she wore a pair of brown leather sandals, clubmaster sunglasses and a tribal statement necklace, which I immediately became obsessed with. I’m always on the lookout for awesome pieces like this! Jewelry with aztec detailing is so beautiful and is perfect for any season, but especially the summertime. I love layering multiple chunky necklaces and bracelets for a bohemian look.

Look for maxi skirts and dresses in light weight textiles in order to avoid feeling weighed down by heavy fabrics during the warmer weather. Try pairing your maxi skirt with a crop top for a #RAD look that’s perfect for any summer occasion.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to wear things that push you outside your comfort zone.”