I don’t know about you, but where I live the weather has been downright moody. This weekend we broke our 40 degree trend and basked in the glory of a 64 degree day! But with snow in the forecast for the next week, it seems to soon to celebrate spring. This brings up a whole other issue: how does one dress for indecisive weather? The answer is versatility. When mother nature won’t decide what season it is, it is up to you dear Fashionistas/os to be prepared for anything.

Are you ready to tackle the challenge? Take a note from this Fashionista, whose look is not only versatile for the season, but also for everyday life. This outfit can be worn to class, brunch, a meeting or just hanging out with friends. Its darker jewel tones pay homage to the persistent winter season, while a shorter hemline nods to the upcoming spring. By sticking to a consistent color palette, her outfit looks puts together even with minimal layering and accessories. However, because her patterned skirt and textured top are made of lightweight materials, a coat, scarf or tights would be easy additions to warm up the look.

Yet the thing that makes this Fashionista’s outfit oh-so-versatile and on trend is just how matching her ensemble is. A purple long sleeve gives the look a solid base, while a patterned skirt with similar colors adds punch and exemplifies the matching trend. The brown coloring of her weather-friendly boots can also be found in the pattern of her skirt, whose purple detailing is further complemented by the same shade of nail polish.

Whether you are battling indecisive weather, looking for an outfit that is suitable for any occasion or trying to combine the two–remember that a matching color palette is an easy way to bring it all together.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Your best outfit for any occasion is going to be the one that makes you feel confident and fabulous.”