STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Masculine And Minimalistic

Even when men dress up they tend to do so in a relaxed manner. Minimalistic pieces, solid colors and clean lines are the mark of the average male wardrobe. Personally I love when a man adds a pop of color, but I can’t deny that timeless classics really do work.

This Fashionisto was heading out to meet some friends for a day in the city. He was wearing a simple gray cardigan and added a maroon V-neck T-shirt to give the outfit a little color. Paired with navy jeans and brown dress shoes, this Fashionisto put together a great look that’s perfect for a day out. Like I said before, it’s great when a guy adds a pop of color and this Fashionisto did so while still looking casual and classic. Maroon is a great color for men’s clothing because it is flattering and goes with almost anything.

What I’ve found to be true about men’s fashion is that basics are very important. Most men have a collection of basic and clean cut pieces, and a few other pieces they pull out for special occasions or when they feel like mixing things up a bit. The men I know take great pride in accessories like watches and dress shoes, and usually always look effortlessly chic by pairing those accessories with basic pieces they know will work.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to keep it simple, I basically have an everyday uniform that consists of jeans and T-shirts. My advice is to try to look good but keep it simple.”