As the weather starts changing, so do our outfits. Fall is in the air, though that doesn’t mean we have to cover up quite yet. This Fashionista brought out her fall maroon dress like Kendall Jenner did in July on the Red Carpet.

Maroon is a trendy color that any dark haired or light haired person can rock. With curls in her hair, she is ready for success in this outfit, and it contrasts perfectly with the dark undertones of the maroon. Often, this color is paired with black accessories. I like that this Fashionista chose to go with black booties and gray socks for a little extra detail. Maroon is a classic color that can be dressed up or down and any detail added is a plus.

Not only have I seen this color around campus, but also around town. Fashionistas wear this color usually in dress form, much like this Fashionista.  Her flowing dress contrasts perfectly with her feminine booties. Though, one can also buy this color T-shirt and pair with dark destroyed jeans or light distressed jeans. To add a little extra flair, one can add a floppy black hat and fringe vest.

Try adding a bit of maroon into your wardrobe this fall! It is the perfect pop of color that goes wonderfully with the season.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice is to always dress for success. Dress to your comfort level and don’t ever stray away from being yourself in your style. Also I love this maroon dress because is a fun color that can be worn, and looked at as sophisticated, any time of the year.”