This winter, do not be afraid to raid your boyfriend’s closet or mosey on over to the men’s department for fashion inspiration. Think pinstripes, trousers, oxfords and tailored blazers when putting together your chic, menswear-inspired ensemble. The options that can be produced with these staple items are endless.

So how can you work this trend into your wardrobe? Giving your outfit that masculine edge can be as simple as throwing on a crisp, fitted button-down or an oversized topcoat. If you are looking to mimic hot items on the runway from designers such as Giorgio Armani and Hermès, try going for a classically tailored suit. Whichever way you choose, keep in mind that you still want to uphold a feminine silhouette.

The key to pulling off this look is maintaining proportion and this Fashionista does it just right. Pairing the plaid suit with a subtle, pink colored mesh shirt layered over a lace cropped camisole adds the perfect amount of femininity to the outfit. Incorporating tailored items, such as the blazer this Fashionista is wearing, is another important way to make the menswear trend work for women. Although the blazer that she is wearing pairs perfectly with the pants, this piece is very versatile and can be worn with a pair of distressed jeans for a more casual look or with a dress when going to the office.

Confidence is the best accessory to any outfit, but especially in menswear-inspired looks. Looking at this Fashionista, you can tell that carrying yourself with the same beauty and grace as you would in an elegant gown is just as important in a pair of tailored trousers and oxfords. Although a classic little black dress and a pair of stilettos is the safe choice, adding a hint of masculinity to your ensemble can make an empowering fashion statement.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I feel like each outfit should make a statement, whether that be a pop of color, mixing patterns, adding chunky jewelry or adding a hair accessory, every outfit needs an outstanding piece.”