Minimalism is all the rage this year, from sparse white, black and gray bedrooms, to simple cubic lined phone cases. Simple is the new forward fashion. This modern home decor staple has transformed from a way of living to the streets of college campuses. This minimalistic style has expanded to a variety of university campuses on a number of Fashionistos.

This outfit focuses on the basics every college Fashionisto needs to tackle the summer months taking those dreaded summer classes. Its minimal appeal focuses on the basics every Fashionisto desires. His gray khaki shorts provide a neutral base to blend with the plaid pattern in his short sleeve dress shirt. The plaid short sleeve dress shirt provides a light, airy feel, which is perfect for those hot, humid University of Michigan days. The collared, short sleeve dress shirt gives the allusion of being serious about your studies, but coupled with the flip flops and woven bracelet still keeps the outfit simple and casual.

We are seeing this trend in fraternities across the United States as many fraternities not only focus on brotherhood, but creating connections in the business community. Wearing this outfit provides a professional appeal with simple and basic clothing. Many others outside the fraternity community may want to convey this look by following this Fashionisto’s style guide.

This look is simple and timeless, a casual and easily obtainable fashion trend.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love the basic feel of this outfit. I’m not really a flashy dresser, but I love my khaki shorts and the classy feel they give me. This outfit works for everything, but still gives me the chance to express myself in a subtle way.”