Plaid has come in and out of fashion too many times to count. Personally, I now consider it a classic pattern and a staple in every wardrobe. Plaid has graced magazine covers, televisions and movie screens for decades—more specifically, in the form of a plaid shirt. Plaid grew synonymous with different popular figures over the years: Daisy Duke in the 1979 adaptation of the Dukes of Hazzard, lumberjacks with their red and black buffalo plaid shirts, grunge band members and fans in the ’90s and, perhaps the most famous plaid ensemble of all time, Cher’s matching yellow blazer and skirt set in the 1995 classic movie Clueless. The versatile pattern, famous for its grunge or preppy adaptations, has been a favorite among designers such as Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs. Needless to say, this pattern is here to stay.

Our Fashionisto of the day kept his outfit easy. Built around a fitted blue and green button-up plaid shirt, his outfit screams preppy. He even coordinated his shoes to his shirt, bringing out the blue in the pattern. Though at first glance this outfit seems preppy, upon closer examination, you can see that his black pants are actually motorcycle pants, which add some edge and interest to his look. However, the black tie effortlessly brings the whole outfit together and dresses it up.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think everyone should have a plaid shirt in their closet—one that goes with their personal style. If you’re into hipster or grunge fashion, maybe a plaid flannel would work. If you’re into dressing more preppy like how I’m dressed today, maybe a fitted crisp shirt is more your style. Plaid’s just classic.”