Plaid seems to be a trend that has been around for a while! You can mix and match it with almost any type of clothing. It can be worn as a top, jacket or tied around the waist. It goes really well with solid colors. Plaid is a heavy trend that I have noticed in Chicago.

This week the Fashionisto was walking down the street by the University of Illinois’ campus. I noticed that he had on plaid. I saw many people with plaid on that day, but he happened to stand out. He wore a sleeveless plaid T-shirt over a graphic T-shirt. The plaid was gray, black and white. The graphic T-shirt was black and white. The shirt had the word Iridium on it as well as the company logo. The shirt came from Iridium Clothing Company. This is a local Chicago company that targets urban city livers. It can be described as urban rock style. The Fashionisto chose to wear black jeans with this outfit.

I admired the way that this Fashionisto put his accessories together. He wore a gold bracelet with a gold watch on one arm. On the other arm he wore a silver ring with a red gem in the middle. This ring stood out because of the pop of the color red. The final piece of jewelry he had on was a gold chain that also came from the store Iridium.

This outfit made a statement by how it was put together. The plaid was matched with a shirt that had a solid black background. This was a good choice to make sure that the shirt did not clash with the plaid. He made a statement through his choice of jewelry. Bringing a hint of gold into the outfit through accessorizing was bold, but yet not doing too much. He made a good choice by wearing black jeans since his top half was already making enough of a statement. This was an overall stylish urban city look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “One thing I do is I try my best not to mix patterns. I don’t wear more than one pattern at a time because I don’t like clashing patterns. I also don’t like to clash colors as well.”