STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mad About Monochrome

As anyone who has ever tried to shop for a guy knows menswear is a challenge. If you want to step outside the bounds of square T-shirts and snapbacks, you’re going to have to work for it. However, this on-trend Fashionisto has mastered the art. His simple style is simultaneously experimental and classic, tied together with a charming grin. While his personal go-to summer style is a button-up with a complementary undershirt, jeans and either desert boots or sneakers (and a good pair of sunnies of course) he has some great shopping tips for menswear in general.  

To begin, start with simplicity. Once you have freed your closet from the clutches of the cargo short, build from a solid foundation of whites, blacks and other neutrals before getting bold with patterns, prints and textures. It’s best if you can find a style to look for before you shop instead of aimless browsing—so do your research! Some great go-to’s for menswear are Topman, ASOS, H&M and occasionally Zara Man. The best part is that they all have great online stores.

Fashion is an amazing form of self expression so why should the girls have all the fun? However, according to this Fashionisto, there is one hard and fast rule of menswear: flip flops stay at the beach. “They aren’t a fashion statement. It’s one thing if you’re near the water and just throw them on, but if you’re trying to make it part of your outfit…please don’t.”

His favorite style of the moment is the monochrome trend as seen in today’s look. The light cotton-blend ASOS button-up is perfect for summer, worn over a white Hopman T-shirt with black piped sleeves. Our Fashionisto has been “really into piping lately,” as it can add a fun touch to an outfit whilst still being subtle. These top a pair of khaki chinos that took him forever to find since he likes them skinny, worn cuffed as a nod to the summer trend. “I actually found these at ASOS, but usually H&M is my go-to—I really love their pants.” His look is tied together with adidas Superstars and simple accessories, the epitome of an easy, on-trend monochrome summer look.  

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You have to do what is comfortable for you. You can see a look on someone else and love it, but feel really uncomfortable in something similar. Find your signature style and build from that. Monochromatic dressing can be really intimidating but it’s actually so easy. Just channel your personal style in a single color palette. Light neutral looks are perfect for summer.”